04. Alcohol

– Recorded on May 26th, 2011 –

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Yea alcohol dulls the pain
So here I am, alone again
In my underwear, empty bottle in my hand
When everything works the same
Whether whiskey, gin or beer remains
I hope to God, I can tell you where I stand

Based on me
You plan retreat
‘Cause you never trusted this love
I feel 17
With all these – insecurities
Yea, it can’t be me you think of…(who do you think of?)

When alcohol does the trick
Your relaxing blur and resulting sick
Take me through the ride that I deserve
It helps me to get over it
From jeans to lies – they don’t fit
And when every choice I make is just absurd

The scars are formed and they remain
These shallow craters filled with pain
In my corner with a bottle to my lips
I’ve lost the things that I had gained
And replaced them with pathetic blame
I hit the floor, and the bottle slips