Dr. Brandy ParkerIn addition to being a singer/songwriter, Dr. Brandy Parker is the Vice President of Research Strategy at Wells Fargo. She works on a variety of projects that investigate the workplace, covering topics such as training evaluation, job analysis, and predictive analytics, with the goal of providing research- based evidence to inform practices and policies in the organization. Brandy is also active in exploring a variety of efficient and engaging methods for communicating findings, as well as improving communication in general. Prior to this role, Brandy worked as a Manager of Workforce Analytics at Johnson & Johnson, the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, conducting program and training evaluations for K-12 education across North Carolina, and at SWA Consulting, Inc., as a Data Specialist. Brandy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University, and her Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from North Carolina State University.

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